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...to my personal homepage. Please feel free to explore my fields of research and descriptions of my latest projects in the open area. This page allows also restricted access for project members and customers. By the way, the term mndevelopments neither belongs to a company nor is it protected - it simply summarizes my activities and should be regarded as my purely independent personal profile.

For steel companies interested in my research activities, please send emails directly to my business account marcus.neuer(at)bfi.de and take a tour to the VDEh Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI) website.

Due to increased meeting requests, my travelling calendar yields following opportunities for personal meetings:
2016-06-08, Paris
2016-06-23, Emden
2016-09-02, Vienna (only short stop)
2016-09-30, Aachen
2016-11, Strasbourg

Please consider also to visit my researchgate profile or my linkedin profile.

Take care! Very truly yours,